Monday, September 20, 2010

What a bad, bad blogger I've been!

I am one month away from an annual visit from my parents and (thanks to a loving nudge from my dad), I realized that I have not blogged about anything since their last visit. Eeek. I'm working today, subsitute teaching (read babysitting) High School Science and will be showing the same Astronomy movie for 6 consecutive hours. I guess I have time to blog..... Too bad my pictures are all at home! I need to invest in one of those remote access programs so I can blog while I babysit.

So, since last October.....what has happened?? Here goes:

* Gabe turned 10 in November. We had a birthday party for him, complete with a camoflauge cake. He had a snow party for his birthday. His friends came in their snow clothes and they build snow forts in the empty lot next door. We had pizza and cocoa and all the boys took turns shooting Gabe's new bow.

* Layne and Kristin had a one-year stint with Girl Scouts. Both participants burned out on that program. We'll have to buy our girl scout cookies from someone else next year.

* Gabe continued with Cub Scouts and earned his Bear badge.

* We had Thanksgiving with the Godak family at our house. How fun it was to live close enough to everyone to invite them for a holiday. It wasn't like when I was a child, of course, when my aunts and uncles and grandparents traveled just 45 minutes or less to our home in the early afternoon and then went home at bedtime, but "close" is relative, right? Christie and Scott came with Ashley, Cameron, and Brooke from the Salt Lake area (about 8 hours away). John and Colleen came with Kayla and Gracie from Idaho Falls (just 3 hours away). Jack, Connie, Caren, and Joe came down from Coeur d'Alene (about 6 hours away). We got to visit for several days. We went sledding and shopping. The kids pretty much entertained themselves and allowed the grownups to do the same.

* Jake turned 36. We celebrated with leftover Thanksgiving pies and cinnamon rolls while we were all still together for the holiday.

* We had a quiet Christmas at home. Packages of gifts came in the mail from Michigan and Idaho and we kept them all sealed until Christmas. The anticipation was intense. Christmas morning was magical and EARLY. I think we were done with stockings and presents by 8:00 am! We had cinnamon rolls, of course, and just relaxed and played with the new toys. Later that evening, we had a dinner of appetizers while watching A Christmas Story on TV (you'll shoot your eye out!)

* I applied for a paraprofessional job at one of our elementary schools and did not get it. The principal suggested I substitute teach to gain more exposure in the district. I started doing so and ended up subbing 3-5 days per week throughout the remaining school year. I also applied for, and received, my Montana Teaching License. Now I'm just waiting for an English position to open up.

* Meanwhile, Gabe was in 4th grade with Mrs. Brink as his teacher. Layne was in 2nd grade with Mrs. Zwagerman, and Isaac attended the Angel Academy preschool.

* Layne and Kristin started playing the piano again. We tried learning when Layne was 5 and it just wasn't the right time. Now it is going much better. Both students are progressing and learning new songs all the time. It is obvious, however, that since Layne practices more, she will soon surpass her mother and will likely need a professional teacher.

* Jake and Gabe began playing the guitar. Both have electric guitars and are learning to play together.

* In May, Kristin turned 37.

* In June, Gabe went to Cub Scout Day Camp and we went swimming at Bogert pool a couple of times. We also discovered that hiking in Montana is so much fun!

* The fourth of July was spent (again) in Idaho Falls, where the fireworks are FANTASTIC. We chose a place at the park the night before and marked it with spray paint and then the guys arrived early in the morning to set up the grill, awning, blankets, coolers, even a nap cot. This year, the guys did all of this set-up while the moms took the kids to the parade. We spent the day eating, talking, playing games, walking the food and craft booths, and finally settled in for the fireworks. After all the excitement and waiting, Gabe and Isaac slept through the show!

* In July, Layne turned 8 and made the decision to be baptized. For her birthday, she recieved a Lionhead rabbit which she named Oreo. Her brothers also received a rabbit to share, which they named Scampers. They are cute, cuddly, welcome members of our family. Layne had a "spa party" where we did facial masks, soaked our feet in the jacuzzi, painted fingers and toes, played games, and watched a movie....all in our pajamas! I made a two layer lemon cake with lemon fondant flower decorations.

* We temporarily gained a son and a big brother! I've been on the Southwestern Alumni list for years and have not been contacted until now. I recieved a call from headquarters in Nashville asking if we would host a student from Estonia. We agreed to do so and were glad we did. Rauno Avel, the National Estonian cross-country ski champion became a member of the family. He taught us about Estonian history (which is fascinating), introduced us to traditional Must Leib (black bread), which I learned to bake. He played piano with Layne and allowed her to climb on him endlessly. He cared for Lucy and the bunnies in our absences. He went hiking with us. Jake helped him fix his car when it broke down. We cheered him in his bookselling endeavors and I even got to be a guest speaker at a Sunday meeting! He was fun to have around and we miss him very much.

* We went camping with Jake's parents. We found a great campground on a river near our home. The kids waded in the river and rode Grandma and Grandpa's bikes.....until they had a major crash. Luckily, they only experienced road rash and bumps and bruises. No ER trip was needed.

* In a whirlwind Friday to Tuesday conglomeration of events in August, Jake's sister got married and Layne was baptized. We went up to Coeur d'Alene for the reception(prior to the wedding). Then we all drove down to Idaho Falls, where Laynie was baptized, and we went out to dinner. The following day, Caren and Joe were married in the Idaho Falls Temple. Kristin made Caren's veil (36 feet of beadwork), Layne's Jr. Bridesmaid dress, and necklaces for Layne and her two cousins to wear for this event.

* Just a week after this wedding, we welcomed a new niece to the family. John and Colleen had their third baby girl! We now have Kayla Jean, Gracie Jean, and Cassie Jean Godak in our family! We'll travel to Idaho Falls for her baby blessing soon.

* Because August just seemed to have not enough action, we decided to move. When a friend moved into a townhouse to save money, we thought, "hey, why don't we do that?" So we DID. We sold lots of furniture on Craigslist, and lots of other stuff at a yard sale. We rented a storage unit, and we downsized. This, and my subbing, should help us save some money this year! We've been married 15 years and haven't saved a dime. The time has come!

* Now, here we are, back in the grind. Gabe is in 5th grade with Mrs. Hansen. Layne is in 3rd grade with Mrs. Frazer. Isaac is attending Milk n Cookie preschool and is quite happy there. Our 4 year old neighbor, and Isaac's new friend also attends this school. On school days, they play all day, come home and eat dinner at their homes, and then play again until bedtime! We also trade babysitting with the Jeffery family and Isaac plays with his friend, Ethan, on those days.

* Jake's job is still going well. He works with some difficult personalities, which is a challenge, but if anyone can "hug a porcupine," it is Jake. He can get along with anyone.

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  1. Good Job! Wow, I just jumped on your blog just to check to see if there was anything new, and DANG that was a surprise! :) That was a lot easier than our phone calls. Somehow we don't really catch up on those things.... we just jump in as if no time has passed. It's a good system, just a little flawed in the "know what's going on" aspect of our lives. So are you really going to be in MI soon??????