Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yeah, well.....

So I didn't keep up.  Life happened.  Need I say more?  We are so busy, particularly me.  What's new with us?
  • Jake has a new job.  He is the assistant store manager and lab manager at LensCrafters in Bozeman.  After losing his job in December, he considered joining the military, going back to college, moving AGAIN to stay in prosthetics and orthotics, and then this job fell into his lap.  He is most excited about the positive work environment and "atta-boys" he receives.  His last place of employment was so negative all the time.  He works mall hours, which isn't great for the family.  We miss the 9-5 thing, but overall, things are better so we will take it!  Jake is scheduled for Gamma Knife surgery at Mayo Clinic in late July.  Thanks to his pursuing the military, a detailed medical exam was needed.  This resulted in finding out that he AVM that we thought was eliminated from his brain in 1999 is not completely gone.  We will make a vacation out of this trip and Jake will recover in Michigan.  He cannot join the military because of this problem. 
  • I have 3 jobs!  I am subbing a couple of days a week now.  I changed my availability from all grades to just 7-12.  My goal with subbing was to get my foot in the door so I can get a full time job.  Subbing at the elementary level doesn't really give me the exposure I want.  I recently started working for Sylvan Learning Center.  I am teaching math and reading and I love it.  Like Jake, I am pleased with the atmosphere and positive work environment of this new job.  Everything is positive and motivating at Sylvan.  Finally, I recenlty became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.  I have used the products off and on for years and just fell in love with them all over again.  My goal to "try a little harder to be a little cuter" has blossomed into a little part-time venture that gets me makeup and skin care products for 1/2 price.  In addition to my work, I am still the chauffer, cook, laundress, maid, tutor, piano and guitar instructor, preschool teacher, nurse, etc.....
  • Gabe is thriving.  He has often struggled to stay organized and motivated when it comes to school.  After all, "Mom, school is just one little thing!"  but with the help of his principal, teachers, tutors, and a little stint with a therapist, he is doing much better.  His confidence is growing and his smile is more frequent.  He has loads of friends in the neighborhood and is so excited that the weather is nice enough for him to ride to their houses, around the neighborhood, around the little pond, to the store, etc.  He is very conscious of returning home on time now that he has a new watch!  He is anxiously awaiting a time when the pond is warm enough to allow him to take out his 2 man inflatable boat!  Gabe's recent band concert was a success!  He is an excellent drummer.  He is also learning the guitar at home and is just about to finish his first lesson book.  He is beginning to play songs that really sound like music that we can sing along to!
  • Poor Layne has had a fairly sickly winter.  She had strep and ear infections several times in a row which finallly culminated in a tonsillectomy last week.  As the doctor warned us, she felt great on days 1-3.  Then she felt awful on day 4.  Great on day 5, and awful on day 6.  She is on a regimen of overlapping Tylenol and Ibuprofen and she knows, to the second, when it is time for her next dose.  Poor baby.  On a brighter note, she is doing fine in school.  Her report card reads, "Student is a pleasure to have in class.  Attitude and effort are commendable."  That makes a momma proud.     However, it also reads, "socializing interferes with studies."  Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Layne recently finished up a season of dance classes with a recital where she was the star (in my opinion).  She was also fantastic in her recent choir concert and shines when she sings to Disney Sing It at home.  Layne is in a little piano playing slump right now, since her sicknesses have kept her down, or working on makeup work from school.  Sometimes it is just too hard to do it all!!
  • Isaac is addicted to the Wii.  Sad but true.  We are all so busy that he just makes his own fun in his games.  He loves all things Mario (cart, galaxy, mario vs donkey kong, super mario, blah blah).  He also plays Indiana Jones quite a bit.  Luckily, he goes to preschool when I sub, and he plays with friends and toys there!  He also plays with his neighbor-buddy Teagan quite a bit.  Right this second, they are acting out that one is Yoshi and the other is Luigi.  Isaac is learning to read using the online version of the "Explode the Code" program that I used with Gabe and Layne.  It is more fun for this little techno-boy to play his way to reading than it is to use the old fashioned workbooks.  He is doing great.  He can read any 3 letter word with a vowel in between, along with a handful of sight words.  He also can identifly and duplicate all his colors, numbers, shapes, etc.  He's pretty smart. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

This is just me, today

I have the day to MYSELF.  Jake is off to a funeral in Wyoming, and he took Isaac with him, since I had hoped to get some sub jobs in his absence.  Well.... I didn't, and I've had two days alone while the big kids went to school.  Time to clean my whole house....time for naps.....time for blogging and eating (without sharing) and reading.  It has been a blissful couple of days, even the part where I let Gabe and Layne sleep in my bed last night, with me in the middle.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where the bunnies live....

We sacrificed our second shower for our rabbits. The other alternative was the dining room. You can see they poo in a litter box. Yeah, not appetizing. So they get to live here unless we have them out to cuddle on the couch or to run around the house. Since we had them neutered, they've been delightful little friends. The white one is good enough that we could probably leave him out of the cage and just have the litter box for him (like a cat) but the tan one is pretty mischevious. I'm pretty sure he'd chew through power cords and stuff.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Multi-Purpose Room

Though we lost a lot of square footage in the move, and the kids' rooms got smaller, at least our bedroom got bigger. Now it is the everything room. A fun place to hang out. We can have someone sewing, someone at the computer, someone laying on the bed watching TV, and someone working out all in the same room at the same time. Sounds fun, huh?

View from the doorway (the bedroom)

turn left a bit (the entertainment center)

turn left a bit (the office)

turn left a bit (the sewing room)

turn left a bit (the gym)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The kids' bedrooms

Recently cleaned and organized for a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Godak. They RARELY look like this, so documentation is a good thing. I can always refer to this blog post at room cleaning time and say, "this is what it should look like when you are done."

Layne's room:

The Boys' room

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dining room and music room combined

It is so nice to make dinner and set the table and listen to Layne practice the piano at the same time. Honestly, she is a careful little learner and enjoys making pretty music. Does a mom's heart good.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My tiny kitchen in my tiny home.

We moved in August to save money, and because we realized that we didn't really need all the space that we were taking up before. We downsized and simplified and it works. We got rid of a lot of stuff we had been saving and we don't miss any of that. We like this efficient little home. It suits us:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

And another habit....finishing what I start.

I didn't really make a resolution, per-se, because although I don't really believe in "jinxing" I kinda think that making a New Year's Resolution is kinda like that. I'm not going to make a formal statement of intent. I'm just gonna say that I have HEAPS of fabric, beads, ribbon, batting, picture frames without pictures, pictures without frames, thread yarn, various forms of glue, wood, quilt squares, incomplete photo albums, unlearned piano lessons, recipes untried, ad infinitum.

like to plan things and buy the supplies, or print out the instructions, and then look at the stuff I acquired. I start, but rarely finish. One of my goals of this 365 day journey is to share pictures of some finished stuff.

Here I am working on a blanket.

I bought said blanket 2 years ago and discoverd that the 100% silk thing, albeit gorgeous, wouldn't stay on our bed. After Jake's endless complaining about the blanket, we retired it to the closet and pulled out a flannel quilt instead. Then I got industrious and pinned flannel to the backside of the pretty silk bedspread. But safety pins on a bedspread.....well, not such a good idea. Jake complained some more. I took it off and very carefully pinned the flannel on with straight pins and put it in the closet. Because I needed those pins for another project (bwahahah), I recently (finally) sewed the flannel on. Tonight I am tying it with floss to keep it from shifting. All-in-all, this project probably took 2 hours over the course of two years. Sigh.....I WILL learn, really I will.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

In the name of consistency....

My dear friend, Kim, called me up and offered me a challenge. She said she needs to do SOMETHING every day, just to prove she can and she thought of ME when she was approaching this project. Funny how some people just KNOW you like that. She suggested we post a picture a day for 365 days. Perfect. I think I can do THAT. I've considered stuff like this before. After watching Julie and Julia, I considered cooking all the recipes in a 1931 Fannie Farmer Boston Cooking School book I have, and blogging about that but seriously, look at my other two blogs for giggles. You can see how consistent I am with these blogs. One picture each day, though. How hard can THAT be? Baby steps, right?

Oh, and she didn't say I had to TAKE the picture that day. Maybe she meant that, but I don't recall her saying it, so the fact that January 1st's picture was taken on December 24th doesn't mean I cheated....right? Or does it?