Sunday, January 2, 2011

And another habit....finishing what I start.

I didn't really make a resolution, per-se, because although I don't really believe in "jinxing" I kinda think that making a New Year's Resolution is kinda like that. I'm not going to make a formal statement of intent. I'm just gonna say that I have HEAPS of fabric, beads, ribbon, batting, picture frames without pictures, pictures without frames, thread yarn, various forms of glue, wood, quilt squares, incomplete photo albums, unlearned piano lessons, recipes untried, ad infinitum.

like to plan things and buy the supplies, or print out the instructions, and then look at the stuff I acquired. I start, but rarely finish. One of my goals of this 365 day journey is to share pictures of some finished stuff.

Here I am working on a blanket.

I bought said blanket 2 years ago and discoverd that the 100% silk thing, albeit gorgeous, wouldn't stay on our bed. After Jake's endless complaining about the blanket, we retired it to the closet and pulled out a flannel quilt instead. Then I got industrious and pinned flannel to the backside of the pretty silk bedspread. But safety pins on a bedspread.....well, not such a good idea. Jake complained some more. I took it off and very carefully pinned the flannel on with straight pins and put it in the closet. Because I needed those pins for another project (bwahahah), I recently (finally) sewed the flannel on. Tonight I am tying it with floss to keep it from shifting. All-in-all, this project probably took 2 hours over the course of two years. Sigh.....I WILL learn, really I will.


  1. Mostly that just reminded me how much our husbands are so the same. :) I do hope it worked. I am still trying to figure out the best bed toppers to fulfill both of our likes and temperature demands. We just got flannel sheets for Christmas. That only puts ANOTHER variable into the mix. :)

  2. well, thank you for sharing that! I got a silky bedspread for Emily this year, and she hates that it is always falling off! Flannel! I didn't think of that! I am going to get right on it...maybe I'll even post a picture!