Sunday, August 2, 2009

BigStack's 1/2 Birthday Party

In November, things were hectic and we didn't manage to pull off a birthday for BigStack. We told him that the weather in May would be perfect for a birthday party and we'd do a 1/2 birthday for him. Such a good idea, huh? Well, it was, at the time. Had we known we were moving to Montana and would be deep in the throes of packing and arranging the move, we would have certainly opted for the last-minute November party. As it turned out, things were fine. BigStack invited some buddies from school to go to Chuck E Cheese's. It was a boy's only event, so Jake took them. They were given cups of tokens and allowed to run wild and have pizza. Stoney, LadyBug, and Bubba stayed home and made a chocolate Butterfinger cake with Butterfinger ice cream. After Chuck E Cheese, all the boys returned to our home for cake, ice cream, presents, and some fun in the yard and on the Wii.

Pictures to come....

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