Sunday, August 2, 2009

We moved into the perfect house for us

So, after 3 days of searching, no no avail, we had settled on a too-small condo and a storage unit. We had paid a small holding fee and began making move-in plans when we got a call from a property manager whom we had met in Wendy's, of all places. She had overheard us talking and told us to call her. We did, but she didn't have anything we were interested in. We were thrilled that she found us a HOUSE with a YARD. And it isn't just A house, it is a floorplan made for us. If we build in two years, as we hope, we will build this house all over again.


After 2 months. We have had lots of experience with turning around a sad looking yard.

This is the living room that you walk into from the front door. It is small but it works just right for us. The closet you see there is deep and under the stairs. When we build, we will eliminate this closet and make stairs to a basement.

This is a different angle of the living room.

First floor master bedroom. It is right next to the living room.

Another angle of the master bedroom. Can you see how that closet is just as deep as that bathroom. I guess I need to do some shopping because we can only fill about 1/4 of it.

This is the hallway that leads to the stairs, then the kitchen/dining, laundry, and garage. The first door is a nice big coat closet for Montana winter clothing. The second door is a tiny 1/2 bath.

Kitchen. Laundry room is through the door you see there. Door to the garage is in there.

Dining and the door to our tiny backyard.

And the view from our front door. See the yellow truck? Yeah, that's the FREEWAY. We do not sit on our front porch (cute as it is) and chit chat. We'd have to yell. This is why we need to build the house in a different location.

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