Sunday, August 2, 2009

LadyBug's 7th Birthday party

When the guests arrived, Shakey led the kids in a rousing game of Digital Candyland. We decided that the kids are now too old for this game and it isn't as fun as it once was.

After the game, we ate LadyBug's favorites: homemade macaroni and cheese (but she has decided that next year she wants me to buy it from the Walmart Deli, 'cause it's better), fresh strawberries, and brocolli and carrots with ranch. The blue punch is strictly theme-oriented.

Pin the fin on the dolphin was great. As usual, the birthday girl cheated, and we let her.

Then we walked to our neighborhood park. This is the scene we witness as we walk there, almost daily.

The pinata experience, though fun for the children, was heartbreaking for Stoney, since she MADE that gorgeous dolphin over the course of several days.

This cake was also hard to cut, though Stoney learned a new technique and it wasn't as hard as it might look.

This sweet angel-faced girl was more than worth the effort! Happy Birthday LadyBug.

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